A method for analyzing basketball games based on statistics

A method for analyzing basketball games based on statistics

Basketball in the betting is severely undervalued, but you can make good money on this sport. The main thing is to get into the nuances and understand how to correctly select the outcomes.

We propose to get acquainted with a simple way to analyze basketball games, which is based mainly on statistical information.

Bookmakers offer a wide spread, especially on the NBA, but you should stop at the basic options – win with overtime, handicap and total.

Before placing a bet, several factors are considered, each of which is evaluated on a ten-point scale, and the outcome is determined – P1/P2, handicap on one of the teams and total over/under.

Factor #1 – the shape of your opponents

The home team has won 9 out of 10 previous matches. The evaluation of the form is 9 points.

The visitors have won only twice in an identical stretch. Score – 2. An appropriate note is made.

Factor #2 – match information

The presence of key performers and coaches is studied. When one of the leaders is missing, the score is reduced by two points. If two important basketball players are missing, 5 points are taken away. A second note is compiled.

Next, each team’s three marginal games are studied in detail. You can read reviews or watch videos to highlight the strengths and weaknesses in each game. Then the superiority of one of the opponents is evaluated. A third note is created.

Factor #3 is statistical data.

Another note is made that includes the following factors.

Long-term trends – e.g., a team beats its opponent on its home court every year.

Home form of the hosts and away guests, the presence of successful and unsuccessful series.

How many points have been scored in recent home and away games (separately and combined).

Whether the teams are considered productive or vice versa. How they perform on defense. The point differential is considered.

Final Step

The number of points of each opponent is added up.

Then a subtraction is made:

The first team’s points are subtracted from the second team’s points.

If the difference is less than three, then approximately equal opponents will meet on the floor. It is advisable not to predict a winner, but to consider the total, if you can fit the outcome to the statistics.

When the difference is three to five, then the bet is made on the winner, taking into account overtime. It is clear that the bet is made on the team that has more points according to the analysis.

If the difference is more than five, then you should bet on the winner with a negative handicap.

Try to practice, but do not be in a hurry to bet. Write down the results in a notebook, and if they satisfy you, you can gradually start practicing on a real account. Good luck.

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