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Top 20 most popular sports in 2024 based on global fan numbers

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The sheer variety of sports that exist provides entertainment to billions of people worldwide. But which disciplines have cultivated the most loyal followings and fanbases globally? Analyzing factors like participation levels, revenue generation, media coverage and online engagement reveals the definitive top 20 most popular sports in 2024.

  1. Soccer/Football – 4 billion fans The beautiful game fittingly takes pole position as the planet’s most watched and played sport hands down. Football’s simplicity to understand yet Display incredible skill couples with nail-biting excitement. Iconic events like the World Cup and Champions League make football universally loved across over 200 countries.
  2. Cricket – 2.5 billion fans Driven by the massive popularity in the Indian subcontinent, England and Australia, cricket ranks as the second most followed sport. Glamorous domestic leagues like IPL and internationals including the Ashes and World Cups draw elite talent to showcase big hitting and tense encounters.
  3. Field Hockey – 2 billion fans Hockey’s huge participation particularly by women and youth ensures massive general interest especially across Europe, Africa and Asia. As skill levels rise, hockey delivers faster pace and goals galore to gain viewership. India, Pakistan and Australia remain at the sport’s apex.
  4. Tennis – 1 billion fans From Grand Slams to competitive ATP/WTA circuits, world class tennis reaches fans in virtually every region through the calendar year. Big-three icons like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic helped lift tennis into the mainstream as must-see entertainment over the last decade.
  5. Table Tennis – 850 million fans The lightning-quick reactive sport retains immense popularity across East Asia, Africa and Europe supported by affordable access and scalable participation from recreation to fierce competition. As agility and paddle technology improves, table tennis viewing grows.
  6. Basketball – 825 million fans The pace and power of hoops continues expanding from the talent-rich NBA league outwards across the rest of the world. Efforts by the NBA to unearth talent and nurture grassroots basketball keeps fandom increasing yearly. 3×3 basketball’s Olympic debut also boosted global numbers.
  7. Baseball – 500 million fans Despite being most popular in North America and parts of the Caribbean plus Japan and Korea; baseball’s legacy, traditions and evolving play styles maintain substantial interest worldwide. MLB stars becoming global icons like David Ortiz helps baseball retain market share.
  8. Volleyball – 900 million fans A quadrennial appearance at the Olympics ensures consistent viewer interest, but competitive pro circuits across Europe and vibrant beach volleyball bolster numbers as the sport trends glitzy. Sustained success by legends like Brazilian great Giba cements volleyball in the top 10.
  9. Rugby Union – 900 million fans Rugby’s 15-a-side format has traditionally dominated while 7s is the Olympic discipline. However global rising stars in both formats from Australia’s to Japan combined with European and African passion for the oval ball keeps Union strong.
  10. Golf – 600 million fans Golf participation exploded over the past decade; strengthening the sports mainstream appeal beyond just four Majors a year thanks to added celebrity appeal. Dominance from the likes of Rory McIIroy, Jordan Spieth and Jon Rahm intrigue fans to tune in worldwide.
  11. Athletics – 850 million fans
    From sprints to marathon, field events and hurdles – athletic disciplines culminate at the flagship Olympics. While Usain Bolt’s retirement leaves a gap, the rise of subsidized leagues like Wanda Diamond League meet growing economical athlete participation to benefit viewer numbers.
  12. Mixed Martial Arts – 600 million fans MMA completes a meteoric rise into the top 15 driven by promotion giants UFC establishing wrestling-inspired clashes as compelling viewing full of drama and shock results. Conor McGregor type icons propelled MMA to continue penetrating new markets.
  13. Kabaddi – 500 million fans Modern Kabaddi repackaged India’s ancient regional sport into blockbuster television through leagues like the PKL. A continuous loop of raider raids and defensive formations became surprising addictive viewing. Kabaddi now eyes global expansion building on existing viewership.
  14. Boxing – 500 million fans The dawn of internet PPV opened new revenue avenues for fight sports allowing niche disciplines like boxing increased visibility. Charismatic heavyweight icons like Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury keeps boxing towards the top despite deteriorating Olympic output.
  15. Wrestling – 400 million fans Wrestling has two key demographics – Olympic viewers watching high level Greco-Roman and freestyle showdowns while casual fans follow theatrical American WWE stars. Both spectrums mark a wide global imprint for wrestling as fighting and entertainment.
  16. Futsal/Indoor Soccer – 400 million fans Weather resistant, fast-paced indoor football played in gyms and cages became a sensation especially across South America, Europe and Middle East. Stars like Ricardinho bring vine-worthy skills that permeate social media to drive curiosity and viewership.
  17. Badminton – 350 million fans Explosive badminton rallies transfix viewers by stretching athletic limits. China and Asian aces like Tai Tzu-Ying or male icon Viktor Axelsen enjoy immense fame through nail-biting encounters and trick shot wizardry. Ongoing rivalry with squash motivates innovation.
  18. Rugby League – 300 million fans While often confused with rugby union, rugby league separated itself as the more fluid 13-a-side game popular among European working classes before turning professional. Australia and England dominate while Tonga’s rise excites viewers with aggressive Pacific styles.
  19. Field Lacrosse – 300 million fans The fastest game on two feet entertains as a high-octane adrenaline sport focused mainly across USA and Canada.However growth into Europe powered by increasing participation expands its unique appeal aligned with ice hockey and football fans who revel in hard hits and hand-eye coordination.
  20. Dodgeball – 300 million fans The number 1 recreational sport for adults finally turned competitive through organized circuits particularly across North America. Niche disciplines like trampoline dodgeball evolved showcasing incredible aerial athleticism that sparked viewership online and on niche channels like ESPN.

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