7 reasons to bet on basketball

7 reasons to bet on basketball

Many users use basketball as their main betting discipline. This ball game really looks attractive, and bookmakers offer an extensive lineup with a large number of events. Basketball has a whole list of advantages over other sports, which is the reason for such close attention.

Recently, many bookmakers are active in this area, so new championships are added, expanding the line of options for betting. Due to what basketball looks so attractive to all fans of interactive betting? Let’s look into it.

The transience of matches

If we talk about the rest of the sports, especially the big ones, they are quite protracted. Soccer with all the extra minutes and breaks lasts about two hours, hockey about two and a half, so you have to wait a long time for the end of the match. If we talk about basketball, it consists of four playing segments of about 10-15 minutes, and breaks total length of 20-25 minutes. Even if you add up all the overtime periods and everything else, you still only get about an hour and a half.

In addition, we can note the fleeting nature of each individual segment of the game. As a rule, the longest quarter is the fourth, and it lasts 20-25 minutes. This allows people who like to play live, to make more bets. As a rule, the playing segment ends quickly, and the user receives a calculation and immediately has the opportunity to bet on the next quarter.

In this way, a large number of bets can be made in a single day, which, if handled correctly, will bring quite a serious profit to the user.

The presence of two possible outcomes

In many sports, users encounter the following problem – everything goes according to the right plan, but instead of a sure win, a draw happens, which ruins all hopes of success. This is often very frustrating in handball, where the chance of a draw is quite low. If you look at the statistics, and in basketball, a draw at the end of the main time does not happen as often.

For this reason, the bookmaker decided to make advances to users and offers them to bet only on two possible options – “victory of the first team” and “victory of the second team”. This protects against the risk that the main time of the match will end in a draw, and in overtime the selected team will still win.

The positive point here is that with only two possible options, the overall chance of winning the bet increases considerably. It becomes especially convenient when the favorite meets the underdog. In this situation, quite often a strong team is in no hurry to deal with the opponent, and relaxation often leads to a draw at the end of regular time. In the fifth and final minute, however, the leaders always push themselves to the limit to score a win.

Low impact of collateral factors

Basketball is a sport traditionally played indoors, so it makes little difference what the weather is like outside, with blustery winds and pouring rain. In arenas the conditions are created so that nothing affects the flight of the ball, everything depends on the skill and professionalism of the players. Besides, some sports like beach volleyball or tennis often suffer because of weather disasters, because it is simply impossible to play when it rains, and matches have to be suspended, postponed and rescheduled, which can affect the players’ mood in a bad way. It’s hard to imagine a situation where a basketball game has to be postponed.

Also, the players themselves are in almost optimal conditions, they do not suffer from heat or cold, they feel comfortable indoors, and they do not have to protect their eyes from the scorching sun. Because these conditions are ideal for showing off a player’s greatest strengths, it’s rare for an underdog to prevail in a game. Often the favorite wins by virtue of the skills of its own players.

A wide variety of competitions

Practice shows that basketball has the most diverse betting lineup of all sports. First of all, this is due to its popularity with both men and women. This results in a situation where almost every championship that currently exists has its own women’s division, on which interactive betting is also offered. For many users, it does not matter who goes on the court, the main thing is the end result. And from this point of view, women’s volleyball is even more convenient, because there favorites are mistaken an order of magnitude less often than in men’s volleyball.

Also, a very large number of competitions involves the division of participants by age. Therefore, on the same day you can watch a huge number of matches for participants under sixteen, eighteen, twenty years old. Such a scatter gives the user the opportunity to choose for himself which of the large number of events he wants to make a bet that is more preferable for him. True, it should be taken into account that youth basketball is less predictable and more risky.

A wide line of bets on players

In many sports, users have the opportunity to bet on the achievements of each individual player. For example, that this or that athlete will score a goal, give a goal pass, or achieve a similar result. However, in other sports, this line is quite narrow, as there is not a huge number of possible events. In soccer and hockey, it is a goal and an assist, while in other sports, it is usually a point scored. But in basketball, the possibilities are much greater, as there are several separate options – you can bet on shots, points, blocked shots, assists and steals, you can choose the option of your choice.

On top of that, there is a wide spread that allows you to use almost every player. For example, it is logical that in soccer the strikers are often the ones to score goals, so there is almost no betting on the defenders. But there are in basketball, where they are responsible for blocked shots, but some defenders are also effective and score a lot of points. Nimble point guards and forwards tend to focus on steals and assists. It is true that you can’t place more than one bet per game as an express, but you can choose all of the options you are interested in with single bets.

A busy calendar year

There are users who have chosen one team for themselves, on which they make bets, whose matches they look forward to. But in soccer, teams usually have only 1-2 games a week, and as a result the total number of events is not too great. But in basketball it is a different story.

Of course there are two sides to every coin that you have to be able to use. Often a grueling calendar affects a team negatively, it tires and ceases to act with former freshness, and the chance of losing increases. But the opponents are in good physical shape, and besides rested after the last match, then you should definitely try to bet on them, even if they look like the outsider at the upcoming event. The players’ physical condition greatly influences the success of their actions on the field, as well as their accurate passes and shots.

Team motivation

As it happens, all basketball competitions have a system where every team has to fight until the very end. Teams compete for the playoffs first. Until the very end, every team has a chance to be one of the fortunate ones and make it to the playoffs. Even if a team is at the top of the standings, it has no right to relax. The fact is that their playoff seeding depends on their regular-season or group-stage standing. In order to receive the weakest possible opponent, it is desirable to be in first place.

As a result, there are virtually no passing games in which a favorite or underdog player simply sits out and does nothing useful. Every mistake can be very expensive, so teams rarely field a weak squad and try to play with the main core. The only exceptions are the very strong teams that have a bunch of players on the bench who could be their mainstay. For example, in the Euroleague CSKA has its most outstanding players, while in the VTB United League those individuals who get less playing time get a chance.


As the above analysis shows, basketball has a number of features that make it quite profitable option for interactive betting. The main advantages are the duration of the fights, which allows you to make a large number of bets per day, as well as an incredibly rich line, which on top of everything else offers a choice among the gender of the participants, as well as the age category. Also, considering the location of the competition, the season of games lasts almost all year round and in any month you can find interesting events in this sport.

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